Welcome to the Land of Cannibalistic Horses

by Andy P. Smith, illustrated by Mike Force

Softcover, 556 pages (2005)

I wrote Welcome to the Land of Cannibalistic Horses during the 2004 Presidential campaigns while criss-crossing the USA in a bright green RV. This 556-page collection of essays and interviews is designed and illustrated by Mike Force, and published by Puberty Press.

I traveled to Orlando, Florida in search of Freedom and found myself drug-addled in the Happiest Place on Earth… Contemplating who has the best job in America, I interviewed the organ player at Wrigley Field. I saw G.W. Bush speak to union workers in Detroit and just weeks later snuck into the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Read interviews with Wesley Willis, David LaChapelle, Bernardine Dohrn, Dan Savage, Jim Coch, Gloria Feldt and more… essays on gentrification in Brooklyn, Reality Television, Phish, Disney, and Democracy circa 2004.

Illustrated and designed by Mike Force, Cannibalistic Horses is a nearly 600-page tomb of personal narrative, comics, profiles, political reportage, and cultural criticism.

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